We never stop learning about ourselves.

Every situation in life is an opportunity to grow and evolve. But not every situation is easy. Sometimes it’s very difficult to see the gifts that are presented to us in a time of adversity. Sometimes we need help to find our way through. That’s what I do, help people find their way through.

Psychotherapy can be scary. It is vitally important that you find a therapist with whom you feel a positive connection. I have experienced this with many people over 30+ years, and these clients have been wonderful teachers.

If you have begun to search for the therapist that you resonate with, feel free to contact me.

I would be honored to be given the chance to participate in your growth and evolution.

My Counseling Services


Starting therapy is a big step. Deciding to make the first call or send the first email to me can feel difficult. I thought that knowing what to expect might make it a little easier.


I offer counseling services in a variety of formats. I work with adults, seniors and adolescents. The majority of my work is individual counseling, one-on-one sessions with one client.

What My
Clients Say

“Julie is a tremendously gifted healer.”   “Since she is goal and solution oriented, you will never feel like your therapy dollars are being sucked down a black hole.”

Asked Questions

Wondering about my location, types of payment accepted, cancellation policy, how and when to contact me, my rates, and what happens if you need medication? My FAQ page has the answers.